About Us

The Gluten Intolerance Group of ShorelineEast is a 501c(3) non-profit support group located in southeastern CT. Our mission since beginning 7 years ago, has been one of awareness, education and support for those living with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. When we recently learned that 95% of children who may have celiac disease are actually undiagnosed, we decided to do something about it and Gabriel’s Journey came into existence.

Gabriel’s Journey is a power point presentation for school nurses now available by filling out the resource request form here. It is the story of a 4 year old child who visited the school nurse so many times she finally realized something might be wrong and suggested to the parents to have the child tested for celiac disease. At the time he weighed 28 lbs and was not growing like other children his age. A creative team from our group realized school nurses could learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of this condition and decided to create the project. Two months after the diagnosis of celiac disease was confirmed, and after starting a gluten free diet, Gabriel has gained weight is a much happier little boy with a chance for a healthier life.

The power point was created so a narrator can easily follow along with the printed script which is included. We have also created several handouts that can be downloaded any time directly from the website either individually or in a *.zip file. The PDF’s are easy to read and are discussed briefly in the power point. They are:

  • Parent Resource Guide – FAQ for parents of children that may have celiac disease and where to go for support and information
  • Screening Questionnaire – designed by a PhD, this survey can very easily determine if the child does indeed have celiac disease. It can be handed over to the doctor during that crucial discussion.
  • Cook-let – a booklet of kid-friendly, unimposing and very simple recipes. We will be expanding on this venture as time progresses but is indeed a good way to get a sick child to eat.
  • Handouts – describe with pictures and details the symptoms that are the forefront of identification.
  • A separate part of the website contains handouts for adults with celiac disease. There is also a membership form to download, fill out and mail in if you would like to join the support network of GIGSE. Yes, we do have parents of kids with celiac disease.

The power point and narrative are free. We will be offering an upgrade with a voice-over recording for the audio portion to be available eventually for a small fee, negating the need for a live narrator.